Employment equity training courses are run all over South Africa

Employment equity training courses are run all over South Africa. Businesses, large and small are being encouraged to partake in these courses for the sake of equity and diversity in the workplace. Companies would send representatives to these training programmes to learn the outlines and outcomes of the employment equity act. These representatives should ideally be part of a committee set up by the company to deal with the employment situation within. They should also be made up of human resource administration along with line and middle managers. There are 2 types of employment equity training courses which the business can partake in.

The first would be a one day training programme where these individuals are introduced to the Employment Equity Act. This will lay out the foundation of the act and set the tone for implementing it into the company. This should be attended by those who are new to the arena and would like to familiarize themselves before tackling the more intricate nature of implementation. This is a one day course. Theemployment equity training course generally is a 2 day affair. The second day is set aside for learning about the changes in the law in regards to the act. To those who have an understanding of the law, this is the only day of the employment equity training programme that needs to be attended.


The first day of the employment equity training course will outline the act and the legislation behind it. It will also lay out how the company must handle disabled workers and harassment cases against minorities. If an employment equity committee has not yet been set up at the company, then this will be addressed within the day. To have a truly customized course, it would be best to bring the workshop directly to the workplace. This would greatly influence the second day of the training where more practicality is applied. Here, the role of the committee would be delved into further. There will be challenges that will be faced by the employment equity committee and here they will be taught how to monitor situations and resolve conflicts.

It is the effect of employment equity in the workplace that is covered for the bulk of the day. Of course, the bottom line for businesses would be of how this is going to affect their profit margins and their workforce in general. All in all, employment equity, when adhered to correctly will not be a financial setback to the company. In fact, tax rebates are the lure in hiring a more diverse workforce. Besides the monetary connotations, there is a deeper level of creativity in ideas that this demographic brings to the table. Thenthere is also the issue of being slapped with a fine for a company not obeying the employment equity law. The figure can go into the millions and this would be a crucial loss for any company, and can be avoided with just a few changes being made within the company which will easily be put forth during employment equity training.