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Insurance for Cars Insurance companies provide auto insurance against accidents to car owners. Depending on their choices, customers get different levels of cover from auto insurance companies. Auto insurance covers injury to passengers, damage to the car and in some the theft of the car. Legal requirements in some states make it mandatory for car owners to have some minimum level of auto insurance cover. Different auto insurance policies to choose from are available depending on what you would like to be covered. Auto insurance policies available for car owners to choose from include third party or liability auto insurance and comprehensive or full auto insurance. Auto insurance companies offer the third party liability insurance as the lowest auto insurance cover. Third party is the most basic auto insurance cover. In case a third party insurance policy holder is involved an accident and it is proven that it was their fault, their auto insurance company pays damages to the other party. The amount of payout for third party insurance is set beforehand. This means that the auto insurance company sets the maximum amount they can pay in an accident beforehand. The policyholder should confirm what the insurance covers and what the limits per accident will be. A policy may be attractive because it charges low premiums, but it provides a minimal cover that is not practical. In most states, car owners will be required to have a minimum cover which is the third party insurance in most cases. Another auto insurance policy provided by insurance companies is the comprehensive auto insurance. This policy covers your car comprehensively as the name suggests. The cost of repairing your car is paid for by the insurance company if you are involved in an accident and your car gets damaged. The insurance company usually decides on the amount that will be paid out in case of an accident. Although the limits for amounts to be paid out in an accident are higher for comprehensive insurance, there are maximums just like in third party insurance. Comprehensive insurance is usually optional in most states and it is up to the consumer to choose if they need it.
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There are other kinds of auto insurance like the medical and personal injury protection cover. This type of cover pays the medical expenses of the driver and the passengers in case of an accident. In some countries or states, having this cover is a minimum requirement.
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Regardless of your insurance cover, make sure it meets the legal requirement. For a recreation vehicle you will need an insurance different from auto insurance.