Uncover the Top COVID-Proof Job Industries

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused millions of people across the country to lose their jobs. It has also caused many more to worry that their employment might be in jeopardy. As the virus continues to surge across the nation, many fear that this second wave will cause another set of job losses. All this weariness has led many to wonder if there are professions that are COVID-proof. They want the peace of mind knowing that, whatever happens with the pandemic, their job is secure. The good news is that there are many professions out there that are resistant to the impacts of the coronavirus. Below are some of those jobs and industries you may want to look into if you are seeking more certainty in your employment.

The Cleaning Industry

If you are searching for a job with a commercial cleaning business or a residential cleaning business, you will find that places are hiring. Many companies have put an extreme focus on sanitation and disinfecting, meaning they are requiring large teams to make this happen. In addition, they are looking for businesses that provide an economical cleaning products that is effective and efficient. There are stories about pest control companies that branched out into residential and commercial cleaning because they saw a need and had the products that would work.

With many companies and organizations focusing on hygiene and cleanliness, now is a great time to find employment in the cleaning industry. These businesses will need to show that they are taking the steps necessary to protect the health of their customers. Even after the pandemic winds down, people always need to have their offices and homes clean. It’s the industry that can’t be defeated. If you are more entrepreneurial, you might want to consider starting your very own cleaning business.

The Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries

Even before the pandemic, there were shortages of workers in various parts of the healthcare industry. With the coronavirus showing no signs of slowing down, the call for more nurses, doctors, and support workers is becoming even more urgent. The virus is not the only reason more healthcare workers are needed. There will be a struggle to keep up with the demand for other needs that come up while the industry is preoccupied with treating those impacted by COVID-19.

As for pharmaceuticals, this industry is seeing an increased demand for various drugs that have been repurposed to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses in this industry are hiring to keep up with the demands for the products they sell. When the pandemic is under control, there will still be a need for those in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. People will always get sick and the world will want to be ready to combat the next viral threat.

 Tech Companies

Technology has been the saving grace of many people during the pandemic. It has allowed businesses to transition much of their staff to a remote work environment, while also giving people the chance to stay in touch with loved ones in a socially distant way. Because of the pandemic’s hold on this country, there has been an increased demand for technology to make communicating and working easier. This has led to many tech companies hiring to keep up with this demand.

One of the results of the pandemic, and the subsequent stay-at-home orders, is that many businesses found that they could maintain their productivity from a remote environment. It has led to an increased demand for technology to make things easier for them to transition to a remote environment full-time after the pandemic ends. Essentially, technology isn’t going anywhere. The industry is in its infancy and getting a job in it right now would probably provide you with some great security.

 Grocery/Food Delivery Services

Food delivery and grocery services have become part of the “essential worker” classification. Honestly, these industries do keep things moving and have provided people in this country with a semblance of normal. Obviously, everyone needs to eat, and grocery stores have been hiring to keep up with the demands of the pandemic. With more people buying in bulk, grocery stores have been in search of people to stock shelves and to ring people out when they end up in line.

Similarly, many people are not dining in restaurants. In fact, some states are only allowing a small percentage of a restaurant’s capacity to be filled. In order to support restaurants, many have taken to ordering takeout or food delivery. Food delivery has seen a huge spike in popularity because of the pandemic. While this popularity has increased during the COVID-19 crisis, many have fallen in love with the convenience of having your food delivered for a nominal fee.

 Opportunities Exist

Today’s employment landscape certainly is unpredictable. There are many job opportunities available that will provide you with a great chance at a secure career. Search the industries you are interested in to find the right fit for your qualifications and background.