When A Business Is At Fault For Your Accident

When you go to a hotel, office building, mall, retail store, or any public building, they have a legal obligation to keep you safe. Failing to maintain public areas and have proper security are all negligence to the safety of the public. Any injury sustained on their property could have been avoided with proper care and safety measures. If you get injured while at a business, call an attorney in Roseville, California to file a claim and get the compensation you deserve.

Here are a few reasons a business can be found responsible for your injuries.

  1. Hazardous Conditions

Hazardous conditions are a common problem at a business that can cause injury to visitors and customers. Icy sidewalks are a responsibility of the owner and any falls resulting from this can be entitled to compensation. Wet floors should have proper signs posted to alert people about the conditions.

  1. Inadequate Security

Anytime you are using someone’s property, they are responsible for your safety. If you are injured by another person on their property, they can be held responsible for lack of security to keep you safe. Contact a Roseville Personal Injury Attorney if you have been assaulted, robbed, harassed, or stalked at a business. Any business that doesn’t have proper security can be held legally responsible for any injury you receive on their property.

  1. Parking Lots

Businesses are also responsible for maintaining their parking lots. There are many issues that can cause you to trip and fall that the business owners can be found negligent for. These can include lack of lighting, poorly posted or missing signs, potholes, or missing manhole covers. When anything in the parking lot causes you injury, the business owners can be found negligence and should be held responsible.


When you leave the safety of your home, you have certain expectation of safety when you enter a business. You expect the owners to have safety measures in place and maintain the care of the area. Hire a lawyer in Roseville, California if you get injured on someone else’s property.