Why You Need A Duck Call For Hunting

If you looking to start duck hunting, you will be looking for guides and tips to make your first hunts successful. If you have already started hunting, but aren’t getting lucky out in the field, you may have overlooked some important tools. One of these tools could be duck calls.

What is a duck call?

A duck call is a special instrument that will sound like ducks in order to attract the waterfowl. Using JJ Lares duck calls can massively improve your duck hunting game. Duck calls are difficult to use correctly and take many hours of practice to perfect. Improper calls will actually deter ducks.

How does it attract ducks?

JJ Lares call will sound like a real duck. Using different calls such as a greeting call, feed call, or pleading call. Each call is different and if done properly, will grab the attention of nearby ducks. Certain calls will be better for the position of the ducks, the time of day, or what the ducks are doing. Even the bird’s personality can affect how they react to the calls. Some might be stubborn and refuse to come closer at a greeting call but might respond to a pleading call.

What kind should I get?

There are two different styles of JJ Lares calls. Single or double reed. Double reed is easier to use, but don’t have as much flexibility. Single reeds are preferred by the professionals but are more difficult to master. Most duck hunters carry both styles. Sometimes they use a double reed if there are other hunters around using single reed duck calls. This allows them to be different from the rest and will stand out more. It will take a lot of practice to master the single reed duck call, but you can change up the call you use better on this one.


If you want to get better results while hunting, look into your local hunting supply store to find a duck call. If you take the time to learn how to properly use it, your next hunt will be more successful.