Wonderments of Llama nails – Something you shouldn’t miss.

Life is too short of having dull nails! Nothing can make a woman more worried than having rough nails. Don’t be upset if you are having a bad nail day, because drama Llama is now offering the best quality Llama nails. Once you try their product, there is no turning back. Llama nails are beautifully carved pieces of work that will glitter your fingers amazingly. Their smooth texture and outstanding artwork are well suited for anyone. Every woman desire to have super cool nails that are immaculately long and well-rounded. Drama Llama has a variety of products and services that would probably work for you.

Why should you buy Llama nails?

We hope you have already started searching for nails to buy from drama Llama, if not let us tell you some fantastic facts about them.

  • Feasible to use

These nails are not only prettiest but easiest to carry. It will not demand much hustles; you can have them just after a manicure and enjoy the spot-on look.

  • Fit your size

Llama nails are best in many ways, but this is something that will amaze you. Nails are just accurately manufactured for your size. However, if you want to file them, you have this benefit too. Make it shorter or curve them as you like.

  • Solid Paint

Drama Llama provides satisfactory service so that their customers don’t get any disappointment. Nails are painted with the best quality polish that is not going anywhere. Colors are adorable and decent that will make your hands peculiar.

  • Not like your glue-one!

It is irritating when you wear some ornamented stuff, and it tapers off at the time of the feast. Llama nails are sophisticated and highly appreciated that they won’t wear off quickly. Its application is so easy and convenient, and you will not find it irritating.

  • Long-lasting

You have a busy schedule and need to work dust to dawn. It’s all right, Llama nails will work for you. Their stuff is long-lasting and marvelous.

 Instructions for application

Drama Llama is providing exotic designs and stuff. A short tutorial would be awesome to share; what you need to do is follow the steps.

  • Gently rinse your hands and clean the edges of nails.
  • After that use filer and buff the shiny layer of your nails.
  • Pick the accurately sized Llama nails from a pack of 24 nails to apply, measure the nail that fit your nail bed.
  • Pour a pea-sized drop of glue attached with the product to your nails.
  • Put the nail piece and press it down firmly and hold for 20 – 30 seconds.
  • Check them out if you need to file them or not, up to you.


You can’t buy happiness, but you can purchase Llama nails, and that’s the same. Just go and check the trouble-free way to buy them. You can also avail of super discounts by subscribing to Drama Llama. There are different methods of payment, as well. Llama nails are reasonably priced and comfortable to use.