How can you ensure one-to-one tuition a success for your child?

Supplementing your child’s schooling with additional one-to-one tuition is a growing trend in Canada. A private tutor provides extra support to flourish your child in their academic capabilities. But is there any way to make sure that these often expensive tutors are really making a difference or not?


Here are few tips for parents to make these one-to-one tuitions a success for your child:


  • First, check your tutor’s up-to-date CRC to ensure the safety of your child. Professional tutors don’t mind it at all, but they actually expect it from you.
  • Location of your child’s tutor should be a key consideration in your choice, so it is advised to hire a local tutor for flexibility and continuity.
  • Parents are responsible for providing a calm and quiet learning experience for their child during home tuition. Noisy environment makes it impossible to concentrate even for focused students also. 
  • Make a good compromise for your child and be thoughtful while scheduling tutorials. Having a balanced routine helps your child to develop their organizational skills and know what to expect so. It will be great to arrange to tutor for the same time each week.
  • To be aware of your child’s progress, establish regular feedback. Arrange feedback directly with the tutor or lookout for the tuition agencies that provide feedback report. 
  • Encourage your child to practice what they learn in their daily tutoring sessions. Ask your child to teach you what they have learnt in their one-to-one tuition sessions as it will be a helpful practice to judge the progress of your child. 
  • Encourage your child to have a growth mindset. Parents can do wonders in the life of their child. Help them to overcome their deficiencies, and with the help of their tutor, facilitate a happy and successful tutoring relationship.
  • To ensure quality within the tutoring profession and reassure a committed professional with proven competence. Hiring a tutor from a reputed, reliable, and trustworthy tutoring company gives you peace of mind. tailors your child’s private tuition in Canada on scientifically-evaluated teaching modalities with proven results. Parents and primary teachers can notice marked improvements in literacy skills and math in just one term.

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