Why DESIGN DISTRICT was an essential need of artists in London?

Artists – and the “creative industries” in general – are crucial to London’s economic and cultural vitality. Their yearly financial contribution is £21.4 billion. The term encompasses all forms of art and design, including fine and applied arts and fine and applied photography and video/sound art. The creative community creates jobs for others, from joiners and welders to those working in galleries and cafés. It’s growing, with one in six new employments coming from it.


If the property market continues to price artists out of the capital, the artist’s studio may become extinct. Creative studio space London takes up the type of periphery post-industrial buildings where you can rent a desk, a floor, or a complete building and try new things.


These 16 buildings provide affordable apartments, extensive amenities, and flexible leases, and all help creative Londoners flourish.


The core beliefs of true artists guide everything that happens at DESIGN DISTRICT. In designing an art studio, DESIGN DISTRICT has created an atmosphere that symbolizes the brand’s values, acts as a centre for clients and visitors, and inspires artists to perform at their best.

This is a dream world for true artists!

This is not an activity for conventional business buildings, even if some artists may colonize them. It usually necessitates simple, adaptable, and low-cost space. More than a third of existing London studio space is predicted to vanish by 2024, with much of it happening now as short-term leases expire and artists are evicted. The good news is that everyone is working hard to make amends. Except for speculative foreign investors, no one wants a ghost metropolis of dormitories and vacant apartment towers.


All artists require a safe location to create a feeling of the community nearby. But the issue of limited and expensive space affects even artists who have managed to sustain themselves solely via their work. There are workshops artists may hire, funding for project-specific work and art school partnerships with studio providers. These are world-class buildings fulfilling the demands of creative’s put front and centre. DESIGN DISTRICT is an offer that’s fresh for London.